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Collect learning data to compare with your productivity data, make an individualized curriculum, and much more

Add Your Own 3D Models

Use our platform to upload your own 3d models to make custom lessons

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Use our VR editor to make VR/AR lessons for your courses to help enhance learning

Create Questions and Media

Create multiple forms of content to educate your staff and students

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Integrate the courses you purchase and create to your current learning systems

Sell VR courses

If you are a university, research, or training organization you can export your knowledge better through our platform

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Virtual and Augmented Reality Companies in Spain

The Rise of Virtual and Augmented Reality Companies in Spain

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VR industry has been able to find more applications and diversify its services towards other sectors such as medicine and training, which gives it enormous potential for the future.

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Innovations Revolutionizing Healthcare in 2019

Innovations Revolutionizing Healthcare in 2019

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In spite of clear progress and advanced techniques, virtual reality technology is still in its infancy. For this reason, many people and even experts find it hard to think about this technology as anything more than a fad, trend or the latest buzzword.

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innovation in medicine

Technology and Medicine, a fusion to improve health

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Technological development and progress in the field of science facilitate a new model of interactive training: Clinical Simulation, the teaching of the most present future. Contractions are becoming more and more frequent and dilatation is the optimum way to take patient X to the operating theatre and thus prepare for the birth of the baby. 

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The project strengthens company’s ability to move into the international markets through its VR/AR/MR/XR/360-based Platform by further developing it to be scalable, modular, and domain-independent service taking into account regulations of all our international target countries. The aim of the project is to create international business and partnerships for the company. The activities include mapping of potential international project partners, networking with potential partners, further sharpening of company’s internationalization strategy and market/competitor analysis, and further develop Platform taking into account our new international target countries.

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