In order to establish a virtual reality lab, you have an option to use different types of tools. However, there’s one tool that’s absolutely indispensable when starting to create a VR lab. You can’t go without a pulley system, especially, if you’re planning to use a corded headset. Although you have an option to utilize a wireless headset, its limited range and battery capacity put restrictions on its usage. The pulley system is not only easier to install and use, but it’s also cost-effective and safer for the users as well as the high-priced equipment installed in your lab. Let’s have a look at each of these benefits:


The VR glasses, as the name, implies take you into a virtual reality, which means that you lose awareness of your actual surroundings. This deviated perception can lead to accidents as you could bump into walls or others standing nearby. While in the virtual world, you might even trip over surrounding objects, thereby hurting yourself or causing damages to the equipment.

This is where the pulley system comes into play by limiting the area of movement of the user within a safe zone. As the user leaves the safety zone, the pulley system gives a gentle pull to guide him/her back into the safe area. As the complete arrangement of the pulley system is hanging overhead, it doesn’t pose any danger of tripping.

Ease of Installation and Usage

The different equipment of the VR system has a number of cords, which not only occupy a lot of space but can also make it difficult to manage them. The pulley system lets you hang all these cords overhead, which frees up the space for movement and also makes it easier to manage all equipment. It’s much more convenient to handle all different VR equipment and also the crowd of users with a pulley system in place.

Keep Your VR Equipment Secure

As your headset is hung from the ceiling through the pulley, there’s no danger of it falling down on the floor. By smart utilization of the space and thoughtful location of the pulley system, you can completely eliminate the user from running into your costly equipment. This provides complete security to your equipment from any damages from the users.


While there are numerous alternatives of different equipment for a VR lab, the pulley system is a vital tool, which serves a number of important functions. On the one hand, it facilitates easy movement for users, ensures their safety and keeps your lab area neat. On the other hand, it protects your expensive VR tools from likely damages. The system is really cost-effective and is easily available in the market.

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