With this technique, which allows the student to move and/or interact in a scenario that reproduces in 3D an installation, equipment or situation, the Simlab IT platform enters fully into the application of new techniques to training.

Virtual reality has become a versatile tool when developing practical training programs through virtual simulations. The advantages it offers are obvious: it allows the student to interact in a scenario with a degree of immersion and credibility equivalent to a real world experience, it offers the possibility of completing the virtual experience with additional information that enriches learning (drop-down panels, videos, notices, etc.) and, above all, it gives practical training a high level of flexibility, as it does not require real elements.

The integration of the theoretical and practical experience of the trainers with the Simlab IT platform in a virtual reality scenario provides them with a tool that allows us to offer our students specialized quality training in the areas in which we are experts: industrial safety, environment, acoustics, management systems, etc.

The use of glasses and tracking sensors, and sometimes handheld controllers, allows for different functionalities that can be adapted to each specific case. In this way, the student will be able to interact with the scene in different ways:

Movement around the stage

The student has the ability to move within the stage, by his own displacement within the radius of action of the sensor of the virtual reality device and by the configuration of movement within the scene.  This design gives the student the ability to inspect and tour all areas of the reproduced stage. This functionality is achieved by directing the eye towards a point on the stage to which the user wants to move.

Checking elements

The student can identify the different elements that make up the scene once he or she approaches them. Information panels can be configured to automatically drop down by proximity to all the elements of interest in the scenario.

Interaction with elements

The student can manipulate and move elements of the scene and perform exercises configured in the scene.

With the application of virtual reality, Simlab ITamplies the development of its line of specialized technical training, both externally and for internal personnel from schools, colleges and training institutions in any field. 

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