The use of virtual reality in classrooms will continue to grow to benefit students and teachers

– Virtual reality is one of the most outstanding technologies of the contemporary era.

– Teachers and students must know the possibilities that this allows.

– Little by little this technology will replace outdated teaching methods.

The traditional educational system takes the word as the fundamental tool for learning, followed by the text. Teachers offer their students different reading materials, and transmit their knowledge through long oral presentations.

As multimedia resources, some teachers incorporate PowerPoint presentations and videos from time to time, as a way of giving a different touch to the classroom.

However, in the digital age, there are dozens of new formats that are considered more suitable for capturing and retaining students’ attention. These arise thanks to digital technology and its infinite possibilities.

Virtual reality is perhaps the most disruptive of these options, since it places the traditional teaching system on top. By using this type of technology, students learn through experimentation and not simply by listening to their teacher, so they become more engaged in their learning process.

A future through VR glasses

Broadly speaking, it can be said that virtual reality not only changes the way teachers are taught, but fundamentally changes the ways in which they learn. By experimenting, memories are more permanently fixed in the minds of students, enhancing their academic experience.

Therefore, the future of education will be through spectacles that allow to take full advantage of this digital technology.

In the early days, glasses that allowed full enjoyment of virtual reality were expensive. Today, these are accessible to students and centers that wish to incorporate them. And there are even ways to build them using cardboard and recycled materials.

For this future to be possible, teachers must improve their handling of new technologies and rethink their teaching methods to incorporate this element into the classroom. In short, work so that it functions as a support for the classroom, replacing outdated tools, but without affecting the normal development of learning.

This is where Simlab IT can help make a difference. Until now, producing lessons or transferring information to a virtual reality support that is practical for teaching and learning was very laborious and expensive in monetary terms.

With our platform, any teacher can easily transfer their curriculum to a virtual reality format, thus engaging their students’ attention much more and better.

On the other hand, this has a positive aspect in terms of money. Since an investment in virtual reality, enhances the possibility of reaching a large number of students simultaneously, greatly reducing costs of practices, as well as the need to travel, be in a place, or use disposable items for practice, which must be purchased again and again.

If you are interested in these advantages, please contact us and we will explain in detail how you can use the Simlab IT platform for your lessons or virtual reality learning and training systems. 

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