Virtual Reality is undergoing a transformation in all kinds of sectors. Implementing VR-based training modules will help you save money and resources.

Think of the amount of costs involved in delivering real-time pilot training to employees and compare it to the costs of delivering Virtual Reality-based training.

Benefits that virtual reality employee training can offer

Virtual Reality is experiencing a great boom in all kinds of sectors and the employee training industry is no different from it. Employee training has come a long way and is now slowly adapting to Virtual Reality.

VR training will undoubtedly help your organization experience better growth by helping your employees with refined training sessions rather than boring theoretical training. There are many advantages in adopting Virtual Reality training, for example, it can emulate real life situations in a virtual way so that employees do not face the risk of injury during the training session. 

While direct experience is the best way to learn, the quality of training you can get through VR will go a long way in handling difficult situations. Simply put, Virtual Reality is the graphical representation of physical work.

4 Advantages of VR training

1. Adequate commitment

Involving employees during the training session is critical and should be done with care. It helps employees focus on training and not distract themselves from other reasons. VR graphical representations will help employees participate in training. The best part is that it is also used with mobile learning solutions that will allow users to learn more intensively.

2. Practice

Workers who are employed for difficult jobs are able to sharpen their skills without worrying about real life consequences, such as injuries, etc. It helps to reduce pressure and improve creativity.

The training will be delivered in virtual mode so that workers are more creative and can find solutions to the high-risk problems they will face during employment. With the mobile learning solution in hand, you can get an effective result during the stipulated period of time.

3. Preview

VR technology will help companies test employee performance during training through testing. This will help companies access a particular employee’s performance and can also help them understand where the employee stands.

4. Accelerated training

Because VR training is attractive and creative, it helps students get more information faster and easier, and they can also retain it for a long period of time. As you all know, memory formation is affected by the emotional response and therefore VR will provide your employees with an emotionally charged experience.

It’s time to start thinking about training with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality in digital learning is in fashion. However, not all cases of use seem to be really useful for the learner. How can Virtual Reality be used efficiently in integration processes?

The use of Virtual Reality in digital learning is increasingly important. This trend was also reflected in LearnTec’s VR/AR area. As a visitor, you can see different companies and technologies as well as practical examples. The enthusiasm is great and the possible applications seem unlimited. However, one should critically question the use case, not only in terms of cost and time. Because, as always, the best technology without the right concept does not bring any real added value.

Technical progress

Technological progress has already reduced costs considerably. Meanwhile, the cost of virtual reality glasses with integrated display is a few hundred euros. As a result, their use can also be implemented efficiently and effectively in the learning area. The didactic background is much more complex: What should be conveyed, what is the advantage of VR, which elements should be used?

It is not uncommon to see practical examples that at first glance seem innovative and impressive, but at second glance one can doubt their real meaning. Why is a 360° space created in the virtual world, in which something only happens within 45°? Why is a questionnaire placed in the virtual space, in which the student has to uncomfortably choose the correct answer with the help of the movement of his head? Rather, attention should focus on the benefits of Virtual Reality and be intelligently linked to the learning elements. Virtual Reality should be intuitive, interesting and simple for the user. This rule generally applies to all digital learning products.

Digital learning with virtual reality

Virtual spaces should be used where space really plays a role. In this way, industry can also find significantly more suitable use cases than in the classic office environment. For the instructions of a machine, something more than the control panel is important. The production/warehouse security standards also cover the entire environment in which the employee can move.

It is more difficult to develop meaningful application scenarios in the office area. Integration is a good example when it comes to making it easier for new employees to join the new company. What is the future workplace like? Which colleagues are sitting next to me? Where is the HR office and where is IT? 

What data protection requirements in the workplace should I consider? All of this can be suggested to the new employee as part of the incorporation process as part of a virtual space. In this case, you can take full advantage of the 360° view.

Learning elements, such as information boxes, point to important aspects of a room. Is the screen blocked when leaving the workstation? Are confidential customer documents open on the office desk? What is this paper in the wastebasket? What special features should be considered in a large office?

Answers to these questions can be found in the virtual space and can be experienced directly. An extract of it can be used in addition to incorporation in recruitment. In general, it makes sense to reuse parts of virtual space to save resources and, at the same time, create a value of recognition for the learner.


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