In this demo you can see what a training session for healthcare personnel would be like in Virtual Reality with the Simlab IT platform.

Introducing questions, tests for applicants in the middle of virtual reality sessions is very simple and functional. This allows you to create much more complete and efficient training sessions, while saving on costs and resources of all kinds. Universities, hospitals and organizations dedicated to improving health and training can take advantage of the platform we have created.

Create learning and training sessions

As shown in the video, 100% realistic environments can be generated, in which even the interaction with the patient is, as later that aspiring doctor or doctor, will be found in real life.

In the same way, the video also illustrates how in our platform you can create learning and training sessions of a very varied type, such as training firefighters.

Why Simlab IT?

  • Easy to use Platform
  • Trusted partner of Airbus Defence and space
  • Work with our Global Network of Education
  • Partners to Create, Distribute, and purchase accredited VR/AR content

This is a sector in which, as in the case of health care, the recreation of the scenarios that professionals will later find in the day-to-day life of their profession is very costly. In terms of time, money and other resources, the practice of professionals belonging to key sectors of society has been anchored in traditional methods for years.

Through the training sessions in Virtual Reality, a clear advance will be achieved both in the aspect of improving training and the use of available resources.

How Our Platform Works

1. Logon to the SimLab Online portal to start creating a course. Select if your would like to use AR, VR, Or 360 Videos.

2. Choose the scene that would like to build your lesson in and add your own 3d models or 360 videos to it.

3. Click the add asset button to add the models that you would like to add the scene and use the menu to set its actions. Once you are happy with your lesson click publish.

Join the global Simlab IT network

We help Educators and trainers to create, distribute and track VR/AR lessons through an affordable and easy to use online platform. Virtual reality lessons can be created with the click of a button online and delivered to your virtual reality Training session to your users. Be they students, employees, or customers we can help by collecting situational data for multiple purposes.

We have worked for several large companies and universities on VR and AR projects. We also have worked on using webvr and websites to make webgl available to everyone.

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