This is how a virtual reality lesson could look like with Simlab IT

Would you like to enjoy a unique and functional VR learning space, which will allow you to quickly and easily create your lessons, and with which your students will retain knowledge and enjoy the learning experience like never before? So, at Simlab IT, we have something that interests you. Read on. We’ve created a platform […]

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Login to our online Platform and make your own lessons using the premade easy-to-use packages and models. Publish directly through our client application, deliver through your own application, or we can provide you with a customized application for a development cost.

Virtual Reality Medical Training: It is Just Another Healthcare Revolution?

VR is being used in medical schools and other healthcare setups for instructing and educating. Medical students now have a more interactive method to learn and understand the human body and its systems, within the VR environment.

Virtual Reality in medical knowledge export and networking

Virtual Reality is present in our society with multiple communicative potentialities in the educational sector, especially e-learning.
By the other hand, Imagine that you can combine the convenience of online meetings with the interactivity of face-to-face meetings: now you can meet in virtual workspaces where you can collaborate, create and truly feel together with your peers.