We have three different types of services that we offer to any of our clients. The first is we offer event technology for companies or universities looking to host if you are enabled events. These events can be held either online or in person. The second is we have a Global Network of universities and other training organizations that want to utilize virtual reality in their curriculum. Thus, our Network allows for them to post VR lessons in curriculum for other universities to either purchase or get for free. Let’s create the repository of different scenarios that makes it easier for educational institutions to get the content that’s needed. Lastly if additional content is needed, we can create custom content specifically for a customer’s needs. For more information see below.

How to Set Up an Educational Virtual Reality Laboratory

VR Events Services

We hold international sponsored event to promote VR/AR education, and show what stakeholders in our network are doing. It is our goal to inspire educational change by showing what is being done around the world and helping them connect with other who want to do the same.

VR Lab and Content Service

SimLab IT will provide the Setup, Installation, Equipment, and service support for 1 set of Oculus Quest. Moreover, additional planning and consultation for how to use the Equipment and make content will be provided as a part of the total pricing package. It is SimLab IT’s recommendation that any educational institution contacts us first before creating their lab so that we can make sure you have the right equipment. 


Content Access

VR Lab Basic

VR Lab Extra

VR Lab Enterprise

Join our Content network of VR enable educational institutions. This network offers a repository of simulation courses across many subjects.In addition to content access Simlab IT will help you to create your fist VR lab and provide you with equipment basic equipment to get started.For Educational institutions that need additional equipment and help with creating custom lessons and managing their VR lab.For Enterprise customer who need to have multiple advanced labs that need custom content and event help. All services from previous content included.
  • 200 student User licenses (20€ per 100 extra users)
  • Content Creation  editor access
  • Access to Free Crouse (Course Shared by universities)
  • Distribution/sales Rights
  • API Access
  • Content Access Platform By
  • 3 mobile VR headSets
  • 1 Computer VR headset
  • Online Support
  • Access for 200 more additional Users
  • VR Lab Basics+
  • 5 mobile VR headSets
  • 3 Computer VR headset
  • Online Support
  • 20 hours of customer integration to LMS
  • Access for 400 more additional Users
  • VR Lab Basics+
  • 25 mobile VR headSets
  • 15 Computer VR headset
  • Online Support
  • 50 hours of customer integration to LMS
  • Access for 1000 more additional Users
99€ monthly
299€ monthly per lab location
499€ monthly per lab location
2499€ monthly per 3 lab location (Equipment all is split between locations)

Customer Content Creation Service

At SimLab IT, we have created many forms of custom content whether it’s for tourism, education, marketing, or gaming. We can help you to create anything that you would need in order to meet your goals at a fast and affordable pace. To get started with more information please use the contact us form below.

Teleworking and distance learning: is this the big opportunity for virtual reality?

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