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Our Story

In 2016, Simlab IT was started on the idea that not only does practice make perfect but perfect practice makes perfect. For critical situations we wanted to create a space where people can create environments to practice this critical skills at any time and get feedback automatically no matter where they were in the world. This let us to create the virtual reality Simlab it online platform. Our mission is to Advanced education to the point where anyone can master the skills they learn on the job, in school, or by themselves in a virtual environment. Moreover, it is our belief that this can only be done through great equipment, a network of like-minded people supporting each other, and easy to use tools to create virtual reality lessons at a moment’s notice.


Integrate into Your LMS

Integrate the courses you purchase and create to your current learning systems

Collect Learning Data

Collect learning data to compare with your productivity data, make an individualized curriculum, and much more


If you need equipment to provide for your staff and/or students, we can provide you with 3D printers, VR devices, and much more.

Create and Sell Courses

If you are a university, research, or training organization you can export your knowledge better through our platform

How We Work

Simlab IT offers everything you need in order to create virtual reality lessons, events for education, or even an entire virtual reality lab. We work on a subscription basis where you can rent or buy equipment, use our virtual reality Network to find like-minded people for Grants, create your own content at a moment’s notice with our editor, or get a package of all of the above. It all starts with either signing up for our Network, released in 2020, and communicating with our representatives for any of your additional needs for VR. We take care of everything that you need to reach your simulation goals.


The Entice Project

We are proud to announce that we have been accepted for a 1 million euro Grant with our partners to bring virtual reality to Medical Educators across the world. Hospital, Universities, Pharmacies, and Medical Suppliers can join our network to test free Healthcare education and tools through the power of virtual reality.
Clients and Partners
Countries in Connection
Assets in Platform

The project strengthens company’s ability to move into the international markets through its VR/AR/MR/XR/360-based Platform by further developing it to be scalable, modular, and domain-independent service taking into account regulations of all our international target countries. The aim of the project is to create international business and partnerships for the company. The activities include mapping of potential international project partners, networking with potential partners, further sharpening of company’s internationalization strategy and market/competitor analysis, and further develop Platform taking into account our new international target countries.

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