Would you like to enjoy a unique and functional VR learning space, which will allow you to quickly and easily create your lessons, and with which your students will retain knowledge and enjoy the learning experience like never before? So, at Simlab IT, we have something that interests you. Read on.

We’ve created a platform where you can create lessons for your students to examine patients virtually, adapting the experience to the reality they’ll find later. Also with organs or learning situations of any kind. Have you thought about saving millions of euros and dollars as well as time?

Our platform aims to become the WordPress of Virtual Reality. With Simlab IT now, disseminating knowledge to advance sciences such as medicine and training at all levels is possible. And you can become part of this change, which does not belong to the future, but to the present. 

What you can do with our platform

Collect Data and use it offered by our platform to draw conclusions about the training sessions. It offers students a new way of attending to their training. 

Collect learning data to compare with your productivity data, make an individualized curriculum, and much more.

Add Your Own 3D Models: Use our platform to upload your own 3d models to make custom lessons.

Create VR Lessons. Use our VR editor to make VR/AR lessons for your courses to help enhance learning.

Create Questions and Media. Create multiple forms of content to educate your staff and students.

Integrate into Your LMS: Integrate the courses you purchase and create to your current learning systems. 

Sell VR courses: If you are a university, research, or training organization you can export your knowledge better through our platform.

How a virtual reality lesson could look like with Simlab IT

In the video below, you can see a sample of what a practice lesson would look like for a medical future in virtual reality. The interaction with the patient, with the operating room space and with the objects of the practice is very real, and allows a quick and useful learning for everyone. 

Easily include in your virtual reality lessons questions, tips, recommendations or indications for carrying out the practices. Everything you can imagine and need to create learning environments in VR as it should be, is in our platform.

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