Join the global Simlab IT network . Virtual Reality is taking off in more and more sectors, and in Health, which is one of the most cutting-edge, now is the perfect time to be part of it. 

In Simlab IT we have created a platform that allows you to create lessons in VR easily and at a low cost of both time and money. We are trying to create a global network of collaborators to promote the arrival of virtual reality in the field of medicine and health. In short, the SimLab IT Global Network enables medical researchers, industry professionals, physicians and students to use virtual reality in all aspects. 

We are looking for partners

We are also looking for pharmaceutical and biotech companies that want to bring knowledge about the use of medications and devices in real situations. In addition, we are looking for sponsoring partners to help fund the creation of online events and content.

This network will allow your users to connect with people from all over the world to create the future, enabling the rapid creation of content, the holding of events to discuss new developments and the global distribution of content through the Simlab IT platform. 

Don’t hesitate, Sign up to be one of the first beta testers by clicking on the link below.

It will be extraordinarily quick and easy for you to learn how to create great content and new methods at our exclusive global network events.

You’ll be able to collaborate with like-minded professionals online through our network and create new forms of VR content for healthcare.

Start creating, distributing and selling VR content around the world right now through our online platform across our network.

Our company has just obtained approval, along with the Karolinska Institute, the University of Leeds, the Open Knowledge Foundation, the University of Thessaloniki and many other medical training institutions through the Erasmus+ program. The aim of this project is to revolutionize medical simulations using VR/AR technologies to facilitate international collaboration in medical education.

Join the global Simlab IT network

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