The VR/AR Medical Education Network

Simulate Real Situation and Train against negative outcomes or better distribute skills at a distance.

Overall, the project ENTICE is organized around a mixed Waterfall-Agile methodology, due to its dual scale lifecycle. It is about creating experiential educational episodes based on specific learning objectives from the overall domains of anatomy and surgery. 

Simlab it operates in three different areas to help universities and teaching hospitals. We focus on the following 3 things:

  • Host Events
  • Connect Stakeholder Online
  • Store VR content and Share

We hold international sponsored work to promote VR/AR education, and show what stakeholders in our network are doing. It is our goal to inspire educational change by showing what is being done around the world and helping them connect with other who want to do the same.

In these events, we try to show teachers, doctors, and heads of hospitals, universities and institutions the applications that virtual reality can have in health thanks to our work:

  • Medicine safety simulations
  • Creation of medical simulations
  • Anatomy Simulations
  • Visualization of disease progression
  • Export of medical education
  • International Collaboration through VR
  • Use of medical equipment in real life events
  • Interactions with the patient (data search)
  • And much more

And because virtual reality, or any innovation that is carried out does not make sense if it is not to produce a real saving and an advance in science, it is possible to monitor easily the data resulting from the sessions, to make decisions that improve the processes more and more:

After each event, attendees can track and connect online with each other through Simlab’s IT platform. There, PhD candidates, researchers, and industry professionals can meet to collaborate and form consortia. We also provide up-to-date information on available grants, from private and public sources, that these consortia can use to create more knowledge.

Have Multiple people working together from afar.

Better connecting the world’s medical professionals through digital knowledge transfer.

For those who create VR and AR content that would like share or sell it we offer repositories and the network of universities and hospital that have interest in using this technology for their curriculum.

The most interesting courses and subject will be invited to speak at future events.

How VR Editor Works?

Virtual reality lessons can be created with the click of a button online and delivered to your virtual reality Training session to your users. Be they students, employees, or customers we can help by collecting situational data for multiple purposes.

Use Cases:

  1. Simulate high risk events.
  2. Collect data on performance in situation one how to reduce risk
  3. Practice emergency protocols
  4. Conduct trainings sessions from across the globe in the same scenario.
  5. Educate staff and students using simulated situations
  6. Export your lessons across the global network

360 video editor

360 video editor works by adding different videos that you create or have been provided to are platform and placed into the platform server. Different videos formats are supported and are encoded through the platform online. Organizations will have the ability to create questionnaires, add information boxes, at interest points, and take voice recordings of each individual situation.

Uses Cases:

  1. Practice communication skills
  2. Simulate appointments to collect emotional data
  3. Create onboarding interactive 360 videos to get employees/students acclimated

Generic and customer reports can be generated from all course session and can be collected from our custom APIs. Data collected can be anything from, emotional data from voice recording, play time, daily usage data indicators, questionnaire scores, progression data, and much more. Use these data points can be used to:

  1. Highlight the risk your organisation is facing
  2. Use the data for reporting to all stakeholders
  3. Certify that your employees/Students have the skills to perform critical procedures

Simlab IT also travels throughout Europe to promote simulation with VR and AR equipment to hold events at stakeholders locations. These events are focused on medical content creation and the promotion of medical simulations. Subject in of the event can include:

  • Medication safety simulations
  • Medical simulation creation
  • Anatomy simulations
  • Disease progression visualisation
  • Export of medical education
  • International collaboration through VR
  • Medical Equipment Usage in real life events
  • Patient interactions (Fact Finding)
  • And Much More

We have worked several large companies and universities on VR and AR projects. We also have worked on using webvr and websites to make webgl available to everyone.

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