Become a Partner To Help Fight Corona Virus

Due to the Corona Virus SimLab IT will be looking for partners that can work with us to put out information in the form of VR/AR-lesson to help keep our healthcare workers and others safe. We’re looking for partners in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology industry that have knowledge about how to deal with global pandemics. We want to offer free courses on our Platform for Universities and Hospitals in our Network to be able to utilize for preparing themselves to deal with Corona Virus patients or just simple best practices. These lessons will be sent out for free and we will also be holding events that you can see digitally through VR or browsers. This is the perfect time for everyone to practice social distancing, by using digital tools and SimLab IT wants to help you. If you are interested in becoming a Learning Partner or just Sponsoring the effort, please fill out the form below.

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