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Simlab IT works with Educators from around the work to create virtual reality environments that you can use in your curriculum, Show off at events, or a customize for your own use case. We make virtual Reality development And Customization Easy.

Recent Case Study:
Airbus Defense and Space

SimLab IT worked with Airbus Defense and Space to create an AR-enabled communication application for the Tactalon Debat communication device. First responders will be able to connect with experts from afar to get real-time guidance during emergencies, increasing response time and survival rates.

How VR is changing important sectors such as health and education
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What we Offer


We Provide Event Technology That You Can Use To Enhance Your Events, Such As Digital Conference Rooms, 360 Videos Live Stream And More.​

Online Content Creation Platform

The SimLab IT Platform Allows You To Customize Your Content For Your Students, Staff, Or Customers Without Knowing How To Code. Our Low-Cost Subscription Can Help You Make Content Fast.​

Customer Lesson Development

If You Need Custom Content We Can Also Build It For You. As A Bonus, You Can Change It Later Through The SimLab IT Platform.​

Immersive Equipment

Get Immersive Equipment for Your Organization to From Our Online store. We Offer Packages to go along with Our platform and Customer Development Services. We offer VR headsets, 3D Printers, and More.

Six Ways Augmented Reality is Transforming the Future of Health Care


Joining the Simlab IT global VR network gives you access to our events either in-person or digitally. If you would like to join the network, sponsor an event, or host an event click below to scheduling an appointment and learn more.

Lesson Creation and Platform

Want to create your own content or what us to do it for you. Schedule a meeting with one of our advisers by clicking learn more below.

5 uses for VR in Healthcare you can try today

Immersive Equipment

We provide many forms of immersive learning products ship to you, for may countries across the globe. Our online store offers 3D printers, VR headsets and more, for your learning environment.

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Everything you need from equipment to content creation and distribution, to run a virtual reality in your simulation Lab.