The VR Medical Export Network

A core need for medical students and residents is the hands-on acquisition of pre-clinical and clinical skills, which is one of the most resource-intensive endeavors in medical education.

This is especially true for essential curriculum topics like anatomy and manual skills intensive specialties like surgery.

Physical tangible resources and opportunities for such training are objectively inadequate due to the cadavers’ shortage worldwide.

The project’s overall goal is to enhance the quality of digital learning in Medical Education, by bringing learning objectives to the forefront of experiential episodes design and organically integrate them as part of educational design.

Moreover, partners in this global network will create and test content to determine it’s pedagogical and share best practices with each other. It is our belief that Virtual reality and Augmented reality will revolutionize medical education in the future. However, it will take work for a network of experts working together to create that future.

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