Virtual reality in the operating room to train surgeons

For those who have not stepped foot in a medical school and all their audiovisual experience with an operating room has been limited to seeing the handsome “Grey’s Anatomy” put bypasses with hats that seemed to be designed by Hugo Boss, the idea of an operation with an audience is that of a kind of […]

Virtual reality is already changing healthcare

Hospitals are unfamiliar places, alien to most people. That is fortunate, because it means that you have not had the need of any major intervention, or that you have not passed a serious illness. However, like other people who do know, it is normal that the idea of a hospital generates some anxiety, fear, anticipation […]

VR in education will change the way we learn and teach

Education is the basis of a prosperous society and the transfer of knowledge has been a key priority for civilizations from the outset. People are constantly looking for ways to make the transfer of knowledge easier, faster and more effective. In the age of digital devices, we have the opportunity to enable better learning with […]